Work Packages (WP)

WP 1- Novel processing for fish and seafood

Organisation                               NTUA (Greece)         


Work Package Leader                 Petros Taoukis


Integrate novel nonthermal processing methods in the fish and seafood production sector, with the aim to develop safe products with improved sensory characteristics and extended shelf life.

WP 2- Novel tools for safety and quality evaluation

Organisation                               CCMAR (Portugal)

Work Package Leader                 Deborah Power


Evaluate the impact of nonthermal processing on fish and seafood quality from, a) a microbial and quality perspective, b) to identify and validate markers and rapid approaches for fish and seafood quality and safety and, c) to correlate results from storage to smart labels optimization and validation.


WP 3- Allergenic capacity of fish and seafood

Organisation                               UWA (Greece)

Work Package Leader                 Dimitra Houhoula


Implement conventional and modern techniques for the detection and quantification of allergic substances in fish and seafood in order to evaluate the effect of novel processing methods for altering the allergenic capacity of fish and seafood.


WP 4- Active and intelligent packaging


Organisation                                UNIMORE/SCRIBA (Italy)

Work Package Leader                 Fabio Biscarini


Design, test and validate novel active and intelligent packaging systems for improving and monitoring fish and seafood quality and safety in the cold chain, from production to the point of consumption.




WP 5– Training and transfer of knowledge

Organisation                               AIT (Ireland)

Work Package Leader                 Neil Rowan



Manage the key transfer of knowledge activities to the consortium and scientific community, and to other stakeholders such as policy makers.



WP 6- Development of fish and seafood prototypes, Feasibility studies and Marketing plan


Organisation                               SUSEA (The Netherlands)

Work Package Leader                 Marios Chryssolouris



Perform feasibility studies concerning a) processing of fish and seafood using nonthermal methods and b) application of active and intelligent packaging systems on fish and seafood. Market analysis to exploit the commercial introduction of the developed food product prototypes. Exploitation strategy for new possible products or services for commercialization


WP 7 – Dissemination and outreach activities


Organisation                               CCMAR (Portugal)

Work Package Leader                João Cardoso


Dissemination of the ICHTHYS results to the largest relevant audience possible.


WP 8 – Project and IPR management


Organisation                               CCMAR (Portugal)

Work Package Leader                 Deborah Power


To secure the smooth operation of the ICHTHYS project and co-ordination of the overall progress and  efficient communication between partners. Assessment of technical results and analysis of technical risks and other difficulties in implementing the project. Train the non-academic partners in Management and IPR issues.

Project Coordinator

Adelino Canário:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no 872217 (ICHTHYS). This output reflects the views only of the author(s), and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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