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20th anniversary of Nutrifresco
12th March  2023

A full day of public talks, hands-on and show-cooking activities to celebrate the anniversary of our partner Nutrifresco.

20th anniversary of Nutrifresco
12th March  2023

We shared our work and knowledge about the sea and marine life with a lot of people and companies during the Nutrifresco anniversary. 


Fisheries and Aquaculture Innovation Day  22nd November, 2022

An event organized by the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea directed at presenting innovation and technology related to the blue economy, where CCMAR and PACKTIN participated and showcase the technologies and the novel packaging materials developed by ICHTHYS.

SeaFoodQual-poster-2022 (2).png

Workshop on "Modern omics tools and applications"
5th and 7th June, 2022 

The workshop was attended by 50 participants from diverse backgrounds (18 from industry, 19 academics, 13 students). More information about the event at

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