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ICHTHYS: OptImization of novel value CHains for fish and seafood by developing an integraTed sustainable approacH for improved qualitY, safety and waSte reduction”

Funding Programme: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019

Project Number: 872217

Total Budget: 1,007,400 €

Duration: 66 months (Jan 2020 to Jun 2025)

Coordinator: CCMAR (Portugal)

Consortium partners:

Academic : CCMAR (Portugal), TUS (Ireland), NTUA (Greece), UWA (Greece), UNIMORE (Italy), AUA (Greece)

Commercial: SELONDA (Greece), SUSEA (The Nederlands), WAS (Ireland), AF (Portugal), NUTRI (Portugal), LIFSEQ (Spain), KeyW (Ireland), SCRIBA (Italy), PACKTIN (Italy), CIS (Ireland), BIOPOLIS (Spain), UNIVIV (Ireland)


Specific objectives are to:

  • Introduce novel nonthermal food processing as an alternative approach to conventional post-harvest fish and seafood processing methods;

  • Systematically investigate the effect of processing through novel nonthermal methods on the quality and safety attributes of fish and seafood, targeting as required identified challenges (eg. parasites and toxins) and assessing allergenic capacity;

  • Test and apply active and intelligent packaging systems that can appropriately monitor the quality and safety of fish and seafood products;

  • Implement modern techniques and molecular biology tools in the evaluation of quality and safety status of fish and seafood;

  • Integrate “omics” technologies to identify novel markers for quality assessment and microbiological spoilage fingerprints;

  • Evaluate consumers’ preferences and expectations from the developed fish and seafood prototypes;

  • Evaluate the socio-economic impact of the developed processing technologies and cold chain management tools;

  • Provide cross-cutting intersectoral and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and training to improve employability and career prospects both in and outside academia;

  • Contribute to the knowledge-based economy and society to boost regional and European competitiveness and growth, promote food security and exports to promote job creation.


Fanny Tsironi


Fanny Tsironi


Develop innovative and safe seafood products of high and desired sensor characteristics


Develop active and intelligent packaging for seafood products


Establish the basis of nonthermal processing for seafood products


Extend shelf life (reaching a two to three-fold increase) of fish and shellfish products and reduce food waste


Improve safety of seafood consumption related to control of pathogens, toxins and allergenic substances

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